Expired Password: Password Reset Request <Video>

Depending on your Administrator's password expiration settings, you could encounter a password reset request upon login. The following lesson will describe the steps needed to gain access by resetting your expired password.

Type a New Password

* A STRONG password contains at least 8 alphanumeric characters, and includes uppercase and lowercase.

Verify New Password

* a GREEN checkmark indicates both passwords are matching

Click SAVE

After clicking SAVE you will be Logged in to Advologix

* Remember to use this NEW password going forward, until you are either prompted to reset or you choose to reset password at a later time.

Updated Security Token Email notification

Updated Security Token Email notification

You may also recieve an updated Security Token when resetting your password.

The above email is a sample of the email you would recieve.

Your security token is tied to your password and subject to any password policies your administrators have configured. Whenever your password is reset, your security token is also reset.

For more information See: Security Tokens

Lesson Video ~ Expired Password: Password Reset Request