Sync Tasks with Salesforce for Outlook

You can easily keep your Outlook and Salesforce tasks in sync using Salesforce for Outlook.  Once a task is in Salesforce, you can assign it to related records, like contacts, accounts, opportunities, and so on.

Which Tasks Sync

Your Outlook configuration defines which items are set to sync, which direction the data flows between Outlook and Salesforce, and what happens when data conflicts.  The task filters in your configuration determine which tasks sync.  The possible filters are:

  • TODAY - Syncs events that end on or after today.
  • LAST MONTH - Syncs events that ended on or after the first day of last month.
  • LAST N DAYS - Syncs events that ended on or after a specified number of days ago, such as LAST 30 DAYS.

Task updates stop syncing once the task falls outside of the range you're configured to sync.  Recurring tasks and items flagged for follow-up on your Outlook To-Do list don't sync.  Salesforce for Outlook syncs tasks based on their due dates.

How Salesforce Match Tasks

When tasks first sync, Salesforce link them with existing tasks that have the same subject and due date.  If you don't assign due dates to tasks, Salesforce link them using the same subject only.

How You Assign Tasks to Salesforce Records

After a task is added to Salesforce, you can assign it to other records using the My Unresolved Items page or the Related To and Name fields on the task record.  The task is added to the associated record's Activity History or Open Activities related list.  You can't save changes if your tasks have a required custom field or an activity custom field become required after items are added to your unresolved tasks list.

For additional information see's documentation: