Salesforce for Outlook: System Tray Application

This article will cover what you can do with the new application.

After Installation a New Application Icon Appears

You can use this application to:

  • Sync Outlook and Salesforce Items
  • View your sync logs
  • Resolve your unresolved synced items
  • Manage your Salesforce for Outlook configuration
  • Change your login information
  • Hide alerts
  • View errors
  • Change your sync folders
  • Access the Salesforce for Outlook online help

Accessing the System Tray Application

  • If you don't see the icon, just restart the application by double-clicking the Salesforce for Outlook shortcut on your desktop or the application in your computer's Programs directory (Start | All Programs | | Salesforce for Outlook).
  • If the icon is disabled, you may need to start Outlook.
  • If you're using Microsoft Windows 7. you may need to click the arrow next to the notification area and drag the Salesforce for Outlook icon to the system tray.

For additional information see's documentation: