How can I export Time or Expenses?

AdvoLogix offers several methods to export Time and Expenses to an "unconnected" billing and/or accounting application. Most external applications will accept incoming data via an import process or API method. The following options are most commonly used to integrate Time and Expenses with external systems.

Export Templates

The first approach to consider when implementing an export process would be AdvoLogix Export Templates. The process associated with Export Templates allows an end user to process export data through a custom process that tracks the export status within AdvoLogix. Learn more details on this approach here.

Through customer feedback we have determined this method is commonly used for exporting Time to TimeSlips.

Apex Data Loader

This option is discussed in general in the Export & Backup section of the application. This option is more rudemantary than using the AdvoLogix Export Templates but may potentially meet additional requirements not provided by the export templates.

Visit the AppExchange

By virtue of our platform provider,, we can offer significant opportunities for all things integration. Visit the AppExchange where you will find such tools as Jitterbit, Informatica, Xapier and many others. 

These add-in methods are especially useful for implementing "connected" or automated integrations.