Sending SINGLE Mail Merge documents

1.    Click Mail Merge in the Activity History related list on the appropriate record. Accounts, contacts, leads, cases, opportunities, and custom objects are supported.

2.    Use the lookup to specify the record from which information will be merged.

If your organization uses person accounts, person accounts are returned in both account and contact lookup searches.

3.    Select a mail merge template.

4.    Optionally, select the checkbox to log a task for the mail merge.

5.    Click Generate.

If the custom object has a master-detail relationship with opportunities, the primary contact for the opportunity is selected by default.

6.    Salesforce then generates your document:

  • If your organization uses standard mail merge, Word opens with your generated document. When the document displays, choose Save As from the File menu to save the document to your hard drive.
  • If your organization uses Extended Mail Merge and your request exceeds the maximum size limit, you are prompted to select a smaller mail merge template.

With Extended Mail Merge, Word does not open when you click Generate.

 ~ Instead, Salesforce sends you an email that either includes your generated Word document as an attachment or provides a link to it on the Documents tab.

7.    If you chose to log an activity for the mail merge, enter the task information, and optionally create a follow-up task.

  • The Subject of the mail merge task is set to the mail merge template name by default, and the task is displayed as a completed activity in the Activity History related list. The merged document is not stored with the task.
  • You can log an activity for mail merge if you have access to view or edit the record you are merging and are able to create tasks (that is, you have the “Edit Task” permission).

8.    You can then print and mail your document or send it as an email attachment.

Installing mail Merge ActiveX control