Mail Merge Considerations

Standard mail merge requires:

  •        Windows® Internet Explorer® versions 6, 7, and 8 (Chrome Frame plug-in for Internet Explorer isn't supported because the ActiveX controls required for mail merge are only supported in Internet Explorer.)
  •        Microsoft Word 2003 or 2007
  •        Microsoft Windows XP and Vista (32-bit only; 64-bit isn't supported)

Extended Mail Merge supports the following additional environments:

  •       The Mozilla Firefox Web browser
  •       The Apple Mac OS.
  •        Furthermore, it does not require the installation of an ActiveX control.

Extended Mail Merge is available by request only. - Contact Support if you are interested in this feature.

   Standard mail merge and Extended Mail Merge support versions of Microsoft Word 2000 and above.

   Standard mail merge currently supports Word 2007 templates saved in .docx or .dotx file formats, but Extended Mail Merge does not.

   Mail merge documents give you access only to the fields that are accessible to you via your page layout and field-level security settings.

   Standard mail merge and Extended Mail Merge Do Not support formatting from rich text area fields.

   Using mail merge from a record detail page automatically triggers standard workflow and validation rules for that record.

   Using the mass mail merge wizard, however, doesn't trigger those rules.

   With Extended Mail Merge, a mail merge operation cannot exceed the following limits:

       1,000 records

       The selected mail merge template(s) total size cannot be larger than 1 MB.

       For mass mail merges, the number of selected records multiplied by the combined sizes of the selected mail merge templates cannot be larger than 50 MB.