Step 2B: Add CaseSafeID to the Contact Page Layout

When a Matter is updated, with the Auto Add checkbox checked and the above setting have been activated for that specific Matter record type, then AdvoLogix processes module checks for setting records and creates Contact Participants automatically for the Matter.  The matching is done based on CaseSafeID values and a relevant record type entered in the custom setting record.

So for example, if you add a custom setting record for Contacts, it will be:

ID = <CaseSafeID> from Contact record

RecordType = <Record Type Name> from Matter's Record Types defined on Matter object

Role = <Any Role Value> desired

Add the CaseSafeID Field to the Contact Page Layout

  1. Navigate to the Contacts tab
  2. Choose a Contact
  3. Edit Contact layout
  4. Select Edit Layout in the upper right corner of the Contact detail page
  5. Choose a layout
  6. Select Fields
  7. Find CaseSafeID
  8. Drag & drop CaseSafeID field onto the page layout
  9. Select Save

The CaseSafeID field can be removed from the page layout after the AutoParticipantContact custom settings are created.