Sub-Matters allow you to add a new matter that, at time of creation, can be associated with the existing matter from the Sub-Matters related list.

  • Sub-Matters are a one-to-one relationship.
  • Existing matters are always Parent.
  • New matters only display the relationship via the Parent Matter field.

Choose a Matter

Choose a Matter

Select a Matter to work with

Navigate to the Sub-Matters related list

Click the New Matters button

New Sub-Matter creation page


Fill in the needed information

Parent Matter field

Defaults to Matter where you chose to add a Sub-Matter (New associated Matter) from

Additional details

Fill in the details


Fill in any known date details

Financial Information

Fill in any known financial details

Click SAVE

You are taken to Sub-Matter (New associated Matter) detail page upon Save...

Notice the Sub-matter (Test Matter's Child) has the parent field referencing the Original Matter (Test Matter) you chose to add a Sub-Matter to.

If you click on the name of the Parent Matter (Test Matter) you are navigated to its record, where you see the Sub-Matter (Test Matter's Child) is now listed in the Sub-Matters related list (as shown below)

...Or you can check reference on Parent matter page

Notice the  original 'Parent' matter (Test Matter) has the Sub-Matters related list referencing the Sub-Matter (Test Matter's Child).