Legal Hold API

The AdvoLogix Legal Hold API callback function allows administrators and integrators the ability to extend the process of placing a matter on Legal Hold with custom functionality. This may be especially useful when integrating with third party systems.

(new in AdvoLogix Fall 2018) 

In short, a callback function is waiting for a specific action to take place before executing. In the case of this function, the callback will be executed when a matter is placed on or removed from Legal Hold.

The Legal Hold callback function accepts a single string parameter passed to the function when a matter is placed on Legal Hold. This parameter is a JSON formatted and includes the 1) a list of matter record identifiers with respective Legal Hold status flag, 2) a Success or Failure flag and 3) the Result message confirming execution success or failure (with error message details).

Sample Parameter

{ recordsList: [{ recordId: "a0N9000000NLlXXEA1", status: "Legal Hold Added" }, { recordId: "a0N9000000NLlPQEA1", status: "Legal Hold Removed" }], success: "TRUE", result: "The Legal Hold processing has been completed successfully." }


  • recordsList
    The list of Matter identifiers with a ‘status’ identifying whether the list of Matters have been Added to Legal Hold or Removed from Legal Hold. Each object in the list has the following attributes:

    • recordId
      The record id of the Matter processed for Legal Hold (added or removed from Legal Hold).

    • status
      Identifies the Legal Hold Status action that was taken. Options are

      • Legal Hold Added or

      • Legal Hold Removed. 

  • success 
    Will be TRUE/FALSE (True = Legal Hold processing was successful, False = Legal Hold processing encountered an error). You will normally only perform an action when the success value is TRUE.

  • result 
    error message (when applicable)