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AdvoLogix Lightning Supplemental Package⚡ (deprecated)

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The AdvoLogix Lightning Supplemental package (ALEx) allows existing organizations to kick-start their AdvoLogix Lightning Experience.  

With the AdvoLogix January 2022 (version 1.123) release, the AdvoLogix lightning app, lightning home page, lightning record matter page, and the matter stage lightning path have all been included in the Matter Management package.  Thus, the ALEx supplemental package has been deprecated.

Who should consider installing the supplemental package?

The following inclusions are predicated on your organization's desire to adopt Lightning Experience. If your organization does not wish to adopt the Lightning Experience there is no requirement to do so. 

  • Those organizations who initially installed AdvoLogix prior to the AdvoLogix Spring 2018 release (late March 2018).

  • Any organization installing AdvoLogix into an existing Salesforce organization.

What does the supplemental package offer?

The supplemental package installs the following customizable Lightning Experience elements:

  • AdvoLogix Lightning Application including a pre-configured main menu and utility bar.

  • AdvoLogix Lightning Home Page designed specifically for AdvoLogix users. The home page customizations are designed to work  in conjunction with the aforementioned application utility bar.

  • Lightning Record Page for Matters. This page is pre-configured with several custom Lightning components designed to work exclusively with the AdvoLogix Matter subsystem.

  • Matter Stage Lightning Path, added to the Matter Lightning record page (above) by default.

Why does AdvoLogix need a supplemental package?

If AdvoLogix included these elements in our base package our customers would not be allowed to customize them for their unique business needs.

We need the supplemental package, how do we get it?

Please contact your AdvoLogix implementation partner or AdvoLogix technical support

Steps for Implementing the Supplemental Package

To successfully install ALEx, your organization must have My Domain enabled and be on the latest version of AdvoLogix. (You can review the release notes and how to upgrade here.)

  1. Change the name of the classic AdvoLogix app.
    1. Switch to Lightning Experience
    2. Navigate to Setup
    3. Search for App Manager in the Quick Find box
    4. Locate the AdvoLogix app & select Edit from the drop-down menu on the far right
  2. Install the supplemental package.
  3. Assign the AdvoLogix Lightning application to the appropriate AdvoLogix user profiles.
  4. Assign the AdvoLogix home page to the appropriate AdvoLogix user profiles.
  5. Assign the Matter record page to the appropriate AdvoLogix user profiles or the AdvoLogix application.

We suggest changing the classic app name to AdvoLogix Classic but it is completely up to your discretion.


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