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Console View Setup (classic)

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The console is a tab that combines a list view and related records into one screen with different frames so that users have all the information they need when interacting with AdvoLogix.

AdvoLogix provides the ability to setup a Console view that allows you to work with any of the component of AdvoLogix in a single console or cockpit view. To enable this tab you must create your console layouts and add the tab to a new or existing app.

Create a New Console Layout

Create a New Console layout

Select New and name the new console layout.

This page allows you to create different console layouts to display list views in the console. After creating console layouts, click the Console Layout Assignment button to control which console layout users see by default.

Console List Views

Console List Views

Add or remove objects that you want users to choose from in the list view of the console.  Choose from available objects by highlighting them and choosing ADD to move them to selected objects.  Remove any from Selected objects by highlighting them and clicking remove.  Move them up and down in the selected items list if you wish.

Console Layout Detail Page

Console Layout detail page

Shows a list of the objects you have chosen to have visible in the console.

Access to the Console

Create a New Console layout

Click on the Console Layout Assignment button.

Set the Console Layout Assignment

Set Assignment

Select a console layout, or no console layout, for your profiles.

Set the visibility settings

  • Default On
  • Default Off
  • Tab Hidden

Select Save

Add the Console Tab to a Custom App

The Finished Product

By using the console, users can quickly find, view, and edit records, such as cases, accounts, and contacts, with fewer clicks and without switching back and forth between screens. Administrators choose the information displayed in the console to accommodate your varied and evolving business needs.

See's Console Setup Tips & Hints for more information.


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