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AdvoDoc Document Assembly


AdvoDoc is a template driven document assembly application for generating new documents. Documents can be created on demand or automatically through the use of AdvoLogix business process automation tools. 

AdvoDoc Overview

In general terms, AdvoDoc is similar to the mail-merge feature found in word processors. AdvoDoc has the added benefit of being fully integrated within AdvoLogix environment. This tight integration allows documents to be created within the AdvoLogix environment using both on-demand and automated document generation techniques.

AdvoDoc Templates

AdvoDoc Templates provide the merge content for creating new documents. Templates are created with our built-in document designer and based on standard merge token naming conventions. In short, the AdvoDoc template system allows data fields (and related lists) to be merged with pre-designed templates.

Please see this article for more details regarding the AdvoDoc Template Designer.

Using Clauses in AdvoDoc

AdvoDoc supports the ability to include a template within a template. This feature allows organizations to create reusable clauses for inclusion within multiple templates without repeating the same content directly within each template.

Creating New Documents

Documents are automatically associated with the underlying Matter (Contact or Account) the document was created for. New documents can be created on-demand or automatically through business process automation tools such as Process Builder.

Please see this article for more details regarding the AdvoDoc Template Designer.

Options for Extending AdvoDoc

AdvoDoc allows administrators and integrators the ability to extend the automation process of document creation with custom functionality. This may be especially useful when integrating with third party document management systems and unique workflow processes.

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