AdvoLogix Matter Management

Files and Content


Files and Content provide a convenient way to save documents in the cloud and relate those documents to Matters, Accounts and other records in AdvoLogix. 

Salesforce Files Overview

Salesforce Files is the designated name for the document management feature available in the Salesforce cloud platform. The feature capabilities available across the entire application include: 

  • Posting files to Chatter feeds to collaborate with coworkers.
  • Adding files directly to records, such as Matters, Accounts, Contacts (and more).
  • Sharing files with customers or outside parties in the secure Salesforce cloud.
  • Connecting to external file systems with Files Connect.
  • Syncing files between your local drive and Salesforce Classic.
  • Running standard and custom file reports to understand how people work with files.

Please see this platform help article for more information regarding Salesforce Files.

AdvoLogix Files and Content Panel

The Files and Content module is a document management interface that can be added to your Matter page layout and can be used for managing Matter related Files and Content. New documents can be uploaded via drag and drop or the file selection dialog. Quickly access the file preview, versioning information and much more.

Please see this article for more details regarding the Files and Content component.

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