AdvoLogix Matter Management

Timekeeping and Expense Tracking Tools


In addition to our standard platform-based data management tools AdvoLogix also provides several helpful features for managing and processing of Time and Expenses.

1. Export Templates

Export Templates provide a way quickly extract Time or Expense records from AdvoLogix using a predefined output field layout and format. Export Templates are especially convenient when for integrating with external billing applications.

The export process conveniently marks a Time or Expense record as "exported" allowing subsequent export processes to skip records that were previously exported. 

2. Time and Expense Reporting and Analytics

AdvoLogix provides several useful ways to analyze Timekeeping and Expense Tracking metrics.

2.1. Reports and Dashboards

The platform report and dashboard capabilities provide an excellent way to capture Time analytics for a variety of use cases. For example weekly and monthly reports and dashboards can produce metrics by Timekeeper, Matter, Classification or a combination thereof. 

2.2. Budget vs Actual

Organizations have the option to implement Budgets for each Matter. When implemented, analytics can be displayed for each Matter providing a quick assessment of the budgeted versus actual Time and Expense entries. 

Please see this article for more details regarding Actual vs Budget analytics.

2.3. Billing Preview

The Billing Preview is useful for obtaining an immediate perspective on Time and Expenses relative to each Account, Matter and across the entire organization. Though the component has been designed to work in conjunction with accounting integrations, organizations will find the functionality quite useful for reviewing Time and Expense metrics at the Account and Matter levels.

Please see this article for more details regarding the Billing Preview.

3. Accounting Integration

For those organizations requiring on-platform integrated billing and accounting functionality AdvoLogix provides a seamless integrated solution for Accounting Seed, a native Salesforce platform application. 

Please see this article for more details regarding the AdvoLogix Accounting Seed integration.

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