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Enabling the Mobile App for a User

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AdvologixGC Mobile has a feature that enables users to access their data from mobile devices running the mobile client application. The Salesforce Mobile client application exchanges data with Salesforce over wireless carrier networks, and stores a local copy of the user’s data in its own database on the mobile device. Users can edit local copies of their Salesforce records when a wireless connection is unavailable, and transmit those changes when a wireless connection becomes available.

To deploy Mobile to your organization, first create one or more mobile configurations. Mobile configurations are sets of parameters that determine the data Salesforce transmits to users' mobile devices, and which users receive that data on their mobile devices.  Organizations can create multiple mobile configurations to simultaneously suit the needs of different types of mobile users.

After you add users to a mobile configuration, send them a mass email with a link to install the correct mobile client application on their mobile devices. After installing the client application, users can use the client interface to easily register their devices with Salesforce. Administrators can view information about registered devices and manage mobile users.

Accessing Salesforce Mobile License

Salesforce allocates one Mobile license to the user, granting the user access to Salesforce Mobile capabilities. The number of user records with this checkbox enabled cannot exceed the total number of mobile licenses your organization has. A separate Salesforce mobile license is required for each user who uses a mobile device to access Salesforce. For organizations using Unlimited and Developer editions, provides one mobile license for each Salesforce license. Organizations using Professional or Enterprise editions must purchase mobile licenses separately.

Users can make appointments, create and assign tasks, work on cases, contacts, and much more, all conveniently from their mobile device. To allocate Salesforce mobile licenses to users within your organization, select the Mobile User checkbox when editing a user's personal information.

Go to the gear icon at the top right of the screen.  Select Setup from the drop-down menu.

Use the Quick Find to search for Users.

Click the Edit link next to the user(s) to whom you want to enable access.

Enable the Mobile User (1) by checking the checkbox to allocate a mobile license to the user and click Save (2) to save the information.

For each custom profile to which mobile users are assigned, edit the profile to include the API Enabled permission. Mobile users need access to the API so that their wireless devices can communicate with Salesforce. The API Enabled permission is enabled by default on standard profiles. For more information see Mobile Implementation Guide  OR  Creating mobile Configurations.


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