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Activities include events and tasks. With AdvoLogix, track meetings and tasks together in lists and reports to easily prioritize your time and keep up with your accounts, contacts, and Matters.

Activities TAB  OR Open Activites Related List

New Event Creation Page

New Event Creation PAGE

By default, the Event is assigned to the creator.

Change Assigned to Field

Change Assigned to Field

To assign the Event to another user:

1. Enter a user’s name


2. Select a user with the lookup icon (see next Step 'Lookup a User')

Lookup a Single User

Lookup a Single User

Type in a name in Search

Select Go

Choose the full name of the correct result

Add Invitees

Add Invitees

Choose Invitees

Choose Invitees
  1. 1. Choose desired 'Search within' type from the drop-down ~OR~ Type a name
  2. Select Go to see search results
  3. Choose the desired person(s) from the search results by selecting the check box next to their name(s)
  4. Click Insert Selected to set the correct person(s) chosen in the Selected List (see the Selected List generated - screenshot below)

6. Select Done to save chosen person(s) to Event Invitation.

Add Invitees

'Invite Others:" Section

Finish Event Creation

Finish Completing Event

Complete the rest of the Event information and selet Save.

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