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3 - Set Up SharePoint® Featured Items Configuration


SharePoint® Featured Items Manager allows users to create or edit configurations comprised of a list of folders from SharePoint® and can be displayed using SharePoint® Featured Items lightning component. These configurations are available to be setup by an administrator of your organization. For more details, see this article.

SharePoint® Featured Items Manager Basics

From the side menu, click on SharePoint Featured Items Manager.

  1. The New action button in the page header allows users to create a new featured items configuration.
  2. A tree-view list of all previously saved featured items configurations, where the parent row displays the configuration name and subsequent rows inside display the list of chosen folders from SharePoint®.
  3. A row action menu containing various action items available for each featured item configuration. 

When the row action menu is selected (see #3 above) these are the available options:

  1. Edit - Edit an existing featured items configuration.
  2. Delete - Remove an existing featured items configuration.
  3. Add a folder to Featured - Allows browsing through a SharePoint® Site and select a folder to be added to featured items.
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