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AdvoLogix has identified certain limitations that presently do not have a work-around from within the application components in Salesforce. Some of these limitations may have a pending resolution from the Salesforce platform that we have built our app on.

  • Presently the files uploaded using the intake form deployed as a Site have a limitation on maximum file size of 3MB.
  • The time form deployed as part of the Matter Management application has extra processing built into the save handler that may be impacted when user organizations have a large number of background Process Builders/Flows active on the time or matter objects, thus allowing the Save button to momentarily become enabled for a second or more. Selecting the Save button again during that elapsed time will generate a duplicate time entry.
  • When deploying an intake form (based on the matter object) using Sites, the user may get an error when submitting the form that an error was encountered when adding participants for the matter. The workaround is to disable the auto-participant lookup function on that lookup field so that participants will not be auto-created when the matter intake is submitted. For more details on auto-participant functionality, see AdvoLogix Setup: Participants.
  • Due to an underlying platform issue, we've identified that multiple AdvoLogix provided lightning components do not render within a community (digital experience) record page context, such as Matter record page or any other object record page. The list of lightning components affected due to this are:
    • Enhanced List
    • Gantt
    • Matter Calendar
    • Participation Map
    • Relationship Map
    • Related Emails
    • Timeline

      AdvoLogix is actively working with Salesforce to find a workaround for this issue.


Lightning Web Security (LWS) Impact to AdvoLogix components

Lightning Web Security is the latest security framework within the Salesforce Platform that implements secured communication between different components across multiple AppExchange packages within your organization.

AdvoLogix has determined this security framework is not yet ready to be enabled within any organization that contains the AdvoLogix application and it's related lightning components. LWS is going to be enabled for new organizations generated after Winter '23 and in its current state LWS does not yet fully support organizations that contain both lightning aura and web components. Salesforce has also advised not to enable LWS when your organization contains both lightning aura and web components, as the component may malfunction in an undetermined way. For more details, read this article.

Steps to disable Lightning Web Security (LWS):

  1. Go to Salesforce Setup | Security | Session Settings.
  2. Scroll down the page to a section titled Lightning Web Security.
  3. Disable the checkbox Use Lightning Web Security for Lightning web components.
  4. Click Save button to save session settings.
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