AdvoLogix Matter Management

AdvoLogix Lightning App⚡


The AdvoLogix lightning application allows organizations to kick-start their AdvoLogix lightning experience.

What does AdvoLogix offer for Lightning Experience?

The package includes the following lightning experience elements:

  • AdvoLogix Lightning Application include a pre-configured main menu and utility bar.

  • AdvoLogix Home Page is designed specifically for AdvoLogix users. The home page customizations are designed to work  in conjunction with the aforementioned application utility bar. This home page is the default home page for the AdvoLogix lightning app.

  • AdvoLogix Matter Record Page is pre-configured with several custom lightning components designed to work exclusively with the AdvoLogix Matter subsystem. This page is the default experience for matters in the AdvoLogix lightning app.

  • Matter Stage Lightning Path is added to the AdvoLogix Matter Record Page (above) by default.  Salesforce Paths do have to be enabled for this to be visible on the record page.


  • The utility bar included in the AdvoLogix lightning application cannot be customized. 
  • The main menu can be modified to include additional custom tabs along with the default list of tabs included in our lightning application.
  • The AdvoLogix Home Page or AdvoLogix Matter Record Page can be customized by cloning them.
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