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Web Application Setup in iManage® for Authentication

Updated Oct 08, 2021

To connect Salesforce® with iManage®, an application must be set up in iManage® Work. Applications (also called apps) are software packages that either integrate with iManage® Work to access data from it, or extend the functionality of iManage® Work client applications.

To perform the operations on this page, the user signed into the iManage® Control Center must be a member of the NRTADMIN group, or be assigned to a role with Tier 2 Control Center privileges.

Adding an Application to Your iManage® Work

  1. Log into the iManage® Control Center.  In the side menu (on the left) locate the Settings section.  Then, click on the Applications menu item.
  2. Select the + Add Application button.
  1. Search for and select the AdvoLogix - Salesforce Integration application from the displayed list of applications.
  2. Click the Authentication > button to proceed with configuring the application.
  1. Enable the Allow Refresh Token toggle button. You can keep the default values for Refresh Token Expiry and Access Token Expiry, though these values can be changed. For more details see  iManage® Help.
  2. Select the Access > button.
  1. Select All Users or Custom to allow access to all users of iManage® Work or a set of users. Users who want to connect AdvoLogix with iManage must have access enabled in this step.
  2. Select the Review > button to review and enable the application.
  1. Toggle on the Enable application option.
  2. Select the Finish button to complete the add application wizard.
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