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AdvoLogix Spend Management Release Notes


Version 1.5

AdvoLogix is Rebranded and Background Analytics Added

Happy New Year! AdvoLogix has a fresh new look with a brand new logo and website for 2022. The Spend Management package has been updated with the new logo and references, along with background support for better analytics.

Older Releases

Version 1.2
  • Resolved an error during the invoice import when the Auto Adjust Threshold option was enabled for Invoice Rules.
  • Resolved an issue with the Post Install Script where the default packaged Invoice Rule had an invalid field referenced in it.
Version 1.1

Added Support for Multi-Matter Invoices

AdvoLogix Spend Management now supports creating an invoice that may include multiple matter specific fee and expenses. LEDES invoice file with line items belonging to different matters in single file is also supported now.

Budget Specific Invoice Compliance Scanning

Invoice Rules now include a new type of rule - Budget Rule. This rule allows to run an invoice compliance check against budget allocated per UTBMS Code for any matter. 

Validate an Invoice

Invoice layout now include a new quick action - Validate, that when triggered will initiate a compliance check against all invoice line items from the invoice, in one go.

Invoice Line Item Quick Actions Lightning Component⚡

A new Invoice Line Item Quick Actions Lightning Component has been prepared to assist in-house users and your outside counsel users, who need to add invoices manually. The component presents users an extensible lightning form that is prefilled with logged in user's associated timekeeper as well as also helps pre-fill the default rate from the selected timekeeper and UTBMS Code in the form. For more details see this.

Other Notables

  • Resolved an issue with Actual Fees and Actual Expenses totals not evaluating correctly from invoice line items.
  • Resolved an issue with LEDES invoice import throwing an error.
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