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Timekeeper Quotas


Timekeeper Quotas or Billable Hour Quotas can be used to define a fixed, minimum number of billable hours a timekeeper is expected to work and submit during a specific time period.  Quotas can be set by month, quarter or year.

Quota Flexibility

Different quotas can be set for certain time periods to accommodate holidays, vacation time or other activities that can impact a timekeeper’s ability to work and submit a certain number of billable hours.

The quarterly timekeeper quota is 450 billable hours.  If this time is allocated equally over the 3 months in the quarter, the timekeeper must bill at least 150 hours each month to meet the quota.

The organization has one holiday during the quarter – Memorial Day in May.  Timekeeper A plans to take 80 hours of vacation time in June.  The organization could choose to define the quota hours for the quarter using the following approach:

  • April – 189
  • May – 181
  • June – 80

AdvoLogix Timekeeper Quota Reports

There are three reports included in the AdvoLogix package:

  1. AdvoLogix Timekeeping Reports Folder
    • Quota by Timekeeper by Month
    • Quota by Month by Timekeeper
  2. AdvoLogix Budget Reports Folder
    • Quota and Hours Budget by Timekeeper
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